Thursday, February 26, 2009

Impressive First Game

In the Varsity's first game of the year, we prevailed in a 2-0 game. The JV team starts next week.
There were certainly a lot of positive aspects. Defensively, our decision-making was near flawless. For example, we knew when to throw to first base in order to get the "sure out" and when to throw to second to get the "lead runner." Our pitching was solid. Our dugout presence was exceptional, since we were attentive, upbeat and supportive of each other. It certainly helped having the JV players present. Offensively, as expected, we were nervous and tentative, but seemed to relax a little after each inning. Remember, if you're going to go down, then go down fighting. Be confident.

As a reminder, we will be conducting the clinic for MVLA Girls Softball on Saturday. Please arrive at Callahan Field (on Middlefield Avenue) by 8:45. Be sure to bring your positive attitudes.

The Softball Staff

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The First Draft of Video

This is the first version of our hitting video. It will be updated as we have more LAHS players to include. The "raw" video was provided by Steve Axelrod. Thanks Steve.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Parents' Night"

As noted in the flyer that was provided to the players prior to the start of Winter Break, there will be a Parents' Meeting on Tuesday, February 24.

The agenda is as follows:
5:00 -- The JV team will be on the softball field, having fun and demonstrating skills;
5:15 -- The Varsity team will be on the softball field;
5:30 -- Everyone will go to the school's cafeteria, where
1. Pizza and drinks will be provided,
2. Introductions will be made and information will be distributed, and
3. A question-and-answer session will follow.

Parents, please plan to attend.

The Softball Staff


This is a great clip because it shows all of the right mechanics and includes the "on deck" hitter timing her heel drop ("When the front heel drops, the back hip pops").


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