Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7 Varsity Practice Is Cancelled


The Tuesday practice has been cancelled because of poor weather conditions.
The storm is scheduled to pass us prior to the Wednesday game with Lynbrook.
So, our next meeting is tomorrow on our home field.

The status of the JV practice is not known, yet.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watsonville Tounament

This post is relevant only to the Varisty Players:

Mike has established the Saturday schedule.

9:20am -- We will leave LAHS. Holly and Joanne have been kind enough to volunteer to drive as District-approved drivers.
The games are at Watsonville High School, 250 E. Beach St. Watsonville Ca, 95076

11:45am – We play Morro Bay High School.

1:30pm – We play Santa Cruz High School.

5:00pm – We have the possibility of playing. A win in either of the first two games is likely (but not certainly) going to place us in this third game.

8:00pm – Voluntary gathering at Stagnaro Bros. on the Wharf in Santa Cruz (Stagnaro Bros. • 320 Washington St. • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 423-1188).

For the remainder of this message, it will be assumed that we will play the 5:00 game.
A snack will be needed after our first game and a light, but healthy, luncheon will be needed after our 1:30 game.
If you can help, please let us now.

Originally, we had hoped to attend a restaurant as a team event following our tournament schedule. However, the 5:00 start (finishing as late as 7:00) raises problems.
So, the trip to the restaurant is now voluntary. The voluntary gathering is at 8:00pm at Stagnaro Bros. Players must change from their uniforms.
We can reserve a room (if we provide one-hours notice) that will seat 25+. Stagnaro Bros. has a seafood menu, but also serves chicken and steak. More information is available on the website of the restaurant (http://www.stagnarobrothers.com/index.html)

It is important to know that players may only drive from the field with their own parents or with drivers on the District-approved list.

If you have questions, let us know.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Personal Note

This message is a personal statement, rather than one that is from the collective staff.
However, many of the remarks directly reflect comments made to me by other staff members.

I cannot overstate my enjoyment of the LAHS experience.
I have been able to work with 28 athletes without one “attitude” and I have been able to do so with co-coaches whom I like and respect.
The parent support has been great and the presence (and “presents”) of the Booster club has been an unexpected but much appreciated bonus.
The Athletic Director is very supportive.
The athletes are interested in learning and improving – a coach cannot reasonably ask for more.

The combined record of the JV team and the Varsity team is six wins and one loss.
Yesterday’s wins against Del Mar were growing experiences. The Varsity team was not willing to just accept a loss against a solid team with a very good pitcher. The JV team now knows that it is good enough to win even when the team is not playing its best ball.

But my positive attitude toward coaching at LAHS is not about the record. It dates back to well before our first game.
As a first phase of the coaching, we conducted the conditioning sessions in November, December and early January. In this first phase, I kept telling myself not to get spoiled. The conditioning sessions were voluntary, so we had athletes who certainly wanted to be there and wanted to get better.
The second phase started on January 26, when practices were mandatory. If anything, the second phase was better than the first. I kept telling myself not to get spoiled, the athletes were working hard because they wanted to make one of the two teams.
We are now in the third phase, which started when our playing schedules began. This phase is better than the second. I see the Varsity team working hard and trying to improve. I watch the JV team practicing and improving. But I keep telling myself not to get spoiled, we are in the “honeymoon” phase.

Whatever happens in phase four, I say thanks for the first three.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Rescheduled Games -- March 16 and March 30

The cancelled games against Willow Glen have been rescheduled to Monday March 16.

The Varsity team will travel to Willow Glen. The JV team will enjoy the friendly confines of Los Altos High School.
The start time for each game is 4:00pm.

The cancelled games against Homestead have been rescheduled to Monday March 30.
The Varsity team will play at LAHS, while the JV team plays at Homestead High School.
Both games start at 4:00pm

Picture Day -- Wednesday March 11

Picture day is Wednesday March 11. The photographer will be at the softball field for pictures at 3:45.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 6, 2009
Los Altos 7 - Woodside 0
While no picture of the scoreboard is available, the JV team was also victorious (by a score of 12 to 1).

Friday, March 6, 2009


Mike says:

Remember next Friday (March 13th) includes a Varsity event hosted by Coach Goldberg. A gourmet chef will conduct a cooking (and eating) class from 6 to 10pm, players only.

And he says:

We have a major event on Saturday, March 21. It is the Watsonville tournament (Watsonville high school). The first game starts at 10:45 am (vans leave Los Altos High at 8:15). There is a minimum of two games, with a third game if we qualify for the Championship. After our last game, we will change into our street clothes and van over to the pier at Santa Cruz, where we will eat at Stagnaro Bros. We will have a room reserved for our team (parents also, if room is available). We will not wear our uniforms to this dinner.

And he further says:

Remember to assume we will practice if a game is cancelled.

Pat says:

Stephanie, happy ten days before your birthday.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Impressive First Game

In the Varsity's first game of the year, we prevailed in a 2-0 game. The JV team starts next week.
There were certainly a lot of positive aspects. Defensively, our decision-making was near flawless. For example, we knew when to throw to first base in order to get the "sure out" and when to throw to second to get the "lead runner." Our pitching was solid. Our dugout presence was exceptional, since we were attentive, upbeat and supportive of each other. It certainly helped having the JV players present. Offensively, as expected, we were nervous and tentative, but seemed to relax a little after each inning. Remember, if you're going to go down, then go down fighting. Be confident.

As a reminder, we will be conducting the clinic for MVLA Girls Softball on Saturday. Please arrive at Callahan Field (on Middlefield Avenue) by 8:45. Be sure to bring your positive attitudes.

The Softball Staff

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The First Draft of Video

This is the first version of our hitting video. It will be updated as we have more LAHS players to include. The "raw" video was provided by Steve Axelrod. Thanks Steve.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Parents' Night"

As noted in the flyer that was provided to the players prior to the start of Winter Break, there will be a Parents' Meeting on Tuesday, February 24.

The agenda is as follows:
5:00 -- The JV team will be on the softball field, having fun and demonstrating skills;
5:15 -- The Varsity team will be on the softball field;
5:30 -- Everyone will go to the school's cafeteria, where
1. Pizza and drinks will be provided,
2. Introductions will be made and information will be distributed, and
3. A question-and-answer session will follow.

Parents, please plan to attend.

The Softball Staff


This is a great clip because it shows all of the right mechanics and includes the "on deck" hitter timing her heel drop ("When the front heel drops, the back hip pops").


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