Friday, March 6, 2009


Mike says:

Remember next Friday (March 13th) includes a Varsity event hosted by Coach Goldberg. A gourmet chef will conduct a cooking (and eating) class from 6 to 10pm, players only.

And he says:

We have a major event on Saturday, March 21. It is the Watsonville tournament (Watsonville high school). The first game starts at 10:45 am (vans leave Los Altos High at 8:15). There is a minimum of two games, with a third game if we qualify for the Championship. After our last game, we will change into our street clothes and van over to the pier at Santa Cruz, where we will eat at Stagnaro Bros. We will have a room reserved for our team (parents also, if room is available). We will not wear our uniforms to this dinner.

And he further says:

Remember to assume we will practice if a game is cancelled.

Pat says:

Stephanie, happy ten days before your birthday.

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